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Margaret Thatcher (1925 – 2013)

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The start of it all: Thatcher conquers 10 Downing Street

The British media are evidently awash with coverage of the death of Margaret Thatcher, former Conservative British Prime Minister.

There’s saturation coverage on all my UK online sources: you’d be forgiven for thinking a catastrophe had occurred within the British royal family. (No, Thatcher will not receive a state funeral, as some have proposed.)

Reaction across the UK (and beyond) has been, as expected, extreme. We’ve had the usual formulaic ‘tributes’ from prominent politicians; vituperative negative comments by extreme UK public figures: even street parties to ‘celebrate’ her passing – I received a comment from a shocked Bulgarian friend currently in UK, saying that:

“there certainly was a celebration in London, which sounds quite crude – in Bulgaria we do not celebrate anyone’s death, even the biggest enemy.”

The underlying motif of much of what I’ve read today has been along the lines of ‘Love her, hate her – no one remained indifferent to her’. Along with the frequent observation that her political ethos was invariably divisive, at all levels of UK society.

My own views, for what they are worth?

I was living in South Wales throughout Thatcher’s ‘reign’, and saw at first-hand the effects (good and bad), many of which remain as part of her legacy. [1]

And – no, I have never voted for the Conservative (political right) Party.


I thought the editorial in today’s Guardian was reasonably balanced and comprehensive. [2]

And, for a personal slant on Thatcher (and her husband, Denis) from a former British Ambassador, this article seemed to tackle the problem of ‘personality’ versus ‘political achievement’ in the writer’s usual direct manner. [3]

[1]: BBC Online

[2]: The Guardian

[3]: Craig Murray

Image: BBC


How low can you get, Mr. Blair?



If the news reports I am now reading are true, then British ex-PM Bliar has now hit rock-bottom.

His office anounced that school pupils, classmates of his son Leo, would have to be transported to the boy’s birthday party by bus, citing security and parking restrictions at their £6 mn property, the intended venue. They were therefore being asked to pay £10 per head for the bus ride!

Since resigning as PM, this man has carved out an influential, well-paid niche for himself with his various ventures. His wife reportedly earns £200,000 per annum; his personal fortune is repeatedly estimated as between £20-25 mn* (a figure he recently denied). His property portfolio alone is worth more than £14 mn. His security protection apparently costs more than that of the current prime minister, despite having been (forcibly) reduced in the past couple of years.

There are public figures, nationally and internationally, who manage to inspire loathing and disgust by their behaviour, their attitudes, their actions. One such British figure is Mrs. Margaret Thatcher (even 25 years on), but even the most hardened critic would begrudgingly allow her some respect for her time in politics – at least she showed some moral qualities in power, even if one didn’t agree with them.

But I believe this man provokes universal feelings of nausea, even from long-standing Labour Party supporters. The British public, by and large, agrees that he lied to (sorry, ‘misled’) the UK parliament into supporting the Iraq war, a crusade based on a cynical manipulation of raw and tentative intelligence reports. He has shown no real remorse, since.

He’s now a member of the Middle East Quartet – no salary, but all expenses paid. And what, precisely, has this bunch achieved? Nothing – ask any Palestinian.

But to stoop so low as to plan to charge schoolkids for the privilege of attending a party – wow! I suspect his youngest son, through no fault of his own, will grow up to be a lonely birthday-boy.

*For more on Blair’s mysterious finances, click here (Daily Telegraph)


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