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Obama: Look how many punchy friends I’ve got!

"Oh, and this friend must be Australia, I suppose."

“Oh, and this friend must be Australian, I suppose.”

Mr.Obama and his country led a very select band of states that opposed the hugely successful Palestinian bid for UN recognition as a “non-member observer” within that body.

The USA was joined / supported by Canada (well, OK), and an imposing list of other countries that included: the Czech Republic (the only European state to vote thus), Israel (well, what a surprise!), Marshall Islands, Micronesia (Federated States of), Nauru, Palau, and Panama.

What an imposing list!

That, to me, is a surprising result, given that Obama has, allegedly, so many international friends, who are all described as “our best / most important allies”, who “consistently push above their weight”.[1] Watch the video! And, by the way, note that Bulgaria has now joined the “club of buddies” – Obama recently praised the country as “one of our most outstanding NATO allies”.

Well, in that UN vote about Palestine, he surely got all the significant support he needed… Nauru, for heaven’s sake? Can you pinpoint Nauru on a world map? Fine, then try Palau.

[1]: YouTube


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