Declaration of (non) interests

In the ‘About’ page, I state that this is a purely personal blog, so any opinions I express are necessarily and exclusively my own, and are not associated with, or influenced by,  any external organisations or interest groups.

Declaration of former interests: I used to work for the BBC and The Thomson Foundation. Since 2004, I have primarily worked as a self-employed person, both in the UK and Bulgaria. I spent 6 months (until April, 2010) as a consultant and editor with a Sofia-based English-language news agency, // Sofia News Agency. If I cite them as a source, that’s it! – purely what they published.

The ongoing exception to the above is that I am co-founder and co-owner of a Bulgarian-registered company, NiChé Ltd (НиЧе.ООД),  that provides translation and other media-related services. As such, I reserve the right to comment generally on such aspects of my work as I feel appropriate within the context of this blog, while fully respecting the principles of client confidentiality.

I shall endeavour to include all relevant online (or other) references to both written and graphic sources. If the sources are secondary, I shall also try to include the primary source. If any such source has reason to contact me, I’d be grateful if they would do so initially via this blog’s ‘Comments’.

So, all recommendations (e.g., ‘Blogroll’ websites), or other references, are made purely in the spirit of this being my personal blog, and have no other motivation, unless specifically declared, e.g., Music: Madoc Davies is my son’s web site, and Grandson: Nestor is pretty self-evident.

Errors or misrepresentations of fact are therefore my full responsibility. If these occur, I shall publish any necessary corrections immediately.


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