US justice: “One in a million”?

30 years, and counting…

30 years, and counting…

“A convoluted legal row has erupted over [Jerry Hartfield] a Texas prison inmate who has been behind bars for more than 30 years after his case was overturned.”[1]

Please take a moment to read this tragic story for several reasons, including:

  • The Texas ‘justice’ system (yep, that’s where Bush comes from)
  • Incompetence (yep, that’s where Bush comes from)
  • Failed bureaucracy (deliberate tautology, on my part)
  • Inhumanity (yep, that’s where Bush comes from)
  • State criminality (chorus! all together now!)
  • Justice versus Vengeance? (no chorus)

Unwanted exclusivity quote

“It’s one of those one-in-a-million deals,” Mr Hartfield’s defender, Kenneth Hawk, told the Associated Press. That’s his defence, speaking?

Then think of Bradley Manning quaking in court, having been incarcerated in ‘harsh’ conditions ‘for his own safety’ for about 3 years before coming to pre-trial (and they say the Bulgarian legal system is slow!).

And, whatever you think about Julian Assange’s online activities and alleged offline capers, pause to wonder why, precisely, he fears extradition (I almost wrote ‘extraction’) to Sweden, with its own kinky legal procedures possibly leading onwards to that man-trap of US ‘justice’.

Or even the young UK guy, Richard O’Dwyer, who cannot now be extradited from the UK to the US for allegedly running a website that provided links to unlicensed streams of TV shows, but who still has to travel there to pay the fine imposed in a plea-bargain deal. I wonder if he has bought himself a simple one-way plane ticket?[2]

And more; British businessman Christopher Tappin accused of brokering arms deals (forget entrapment by US ‘Intelligence’), also having to settle on a plea-bargain to avoid disappearing for ever into a dingy US jail. Whether guilty or innocent.[3]

Oh, Land of the Free, Leaders of the Free World…

… until they, somehow, “forget” you for 30 years. But then, only one in a million, according to Hartfield’s own defence attorney. Ha, ha!

Excuse me now, I’m off to watch a cowboy movie.

[1]: The Independent

[2]: CMU

[3]: The Independent

Image: Prison Studies


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