Speak in haste, repent at leisure

Storm in Sofia city centre.

Storm in Sofia city centre.

A few days ago, I was musing about the weather here in Bulgaria. Even then, I had a slightly uneasy feeling about what I was writing…

“I wonder what sort of winter lies in store for us here in Bulgaria? Surely, it must at least rain sometime. (I’ll probably soon wish I hadn’t written that last sentence!)”

Too true!

As a couple of readers pointed out, the post had hardly been published when I got my answer: heavy rain, and two days of strong, gusting winds.Plus, one local online weather forecaster predicts snow for Monday evening. (Have a look at this moody photo, by Mark Milan).

And there I was (mug), trying to finish off some work on our exterior balcony!

Another old saying comes to mind: “Live and learn!”

Image: personal archive.


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