Britain flooded as Bulgaria turns to desert

nice weather for ducks and swans

It’s alright for some! But not for many.

The inhabitants of the UK have had a truly miserable year, weather-wise. A soaking spring, followed by a soaking summer, followed by… a soaking autumn.

Entire swathes of the country have recently been lashed (yet again) by gales and heavy rain. There are now 2 million properties at risk of flooding – those that haven’t already succumbed to the latest bout of extreme weather. Three people have died; tens of thousands are, for the moment, homeless.

And, as weather forecasters habitually and dolefully announce: “There’s more on the way!”

And here, in Sofia?

The contrast couldn’t be greater. As I’m writing this, it’s a foggy evening. But today, a bit chilly, was again sunny. At almost the end of November!

I wrote a piece about the weather here, back in the height of summer. (Which reminds me, I still haven’t posted my promised analysis of August weather – I’ll do so, soon.)

So, I checked some online records for Sofia, principally for rainfall. Here’s the result for the past 28 weeks (i.e., from the beginning of June). Apart from a few heavy days, there’s almost nothing recorded.

summer rainfall sofia bulgaria

Not much to measure.

And, just to fill out the picture over the same period, here are sunshine hours…

sunshine hours sofia bulgaria

Lots, lots, lots.

… and maximum temperatures.

maximum temperatures sofia bulgaria

Hot, hot, hot.

In nearby Bankya, where we’ve spent a lot of time over the summer and autumn, there’s been even less rainfall than recorded in Sofia itself. On several occasions, even when central Sofia has suffered a few intensive downpours, there’s been nothing in Bankya.


full sun temperature bankya bulgaria

Too hot to dig the garden!

I reckon this year’s was the hottest and driest summer since I moved here. Here’s a proof of what I mean – and I assure you there’s no trickery behind this photo.

The thermometer was brought out from the shade and, stuck in full sun and, in 10 minutes, this was the result.

So, great sympathy for my family and friends over in UK. Meanwhile, I wonder what sort of winter lies in store for us here in Bulgaria? Surely, it must at least rain sometime. (I’ll probably soon wish I hadn’t written that last sentence!)

Main image: Metro

Graphs: weatheronline


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3 Responses to “Britain flooded as Bulgaria turns to desert”

  1. Mark R.Milan Says:

    I think my wife and I chose the right year to go travelling and take up a short residency in Sofia!

  2. Glyn Jones Says:

    …almost forgotten what rain looks and sounds like !

  3. Mark R.Milan Says:

    I think after today’s weather we have made up for a dry November!

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