Israel: media spin war, bomb blast eye-for-eye, tooth-for-tooth retaliation

tel aviv bus bombing

Ceasefire cancelled?

UPDATE: Ceasefire agreed despite Tel Aviv bus bomb outrage.

Spiegel Online does it again! My daily email alert provides two stories about the Israel-Gaza “confrontation”.

I suspect they employ an online editor with an acute sense of macabre irony. Why else would these stories be featured consecutively? Be that as it may, the short reports make for interesting reading. Here are quotes from each news item.

israeli media spin offensive

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“Israel’s new media strategy takes into account the cultural differences and tries to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation. And the name of the latest Gaza offensive alone, Pillar of Defense, is already easier to process than the chunkier official title, Operation Amud Anan, a biblical reference to the pillar of cloud that God transformed himself into in order to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and protect them from the Pharoah’s army.”

Phew! How bloody grandiloquent [my emphasis, above].

israeli retaliation

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“After such an attack there can be no cease-fire,” says Ginat [a self-proclaimed Israeli moderate]. “How can someone negotiate an end to the violence and then do something like this? With that the negotiations have come to an end.” Though no one has claimed responsibility [my emphasis] for the attack, hardly anyone in Israel doubts that Hamas was behind it [hysteria, propaganda? – my question]. In the Gaza Strip the radical Islamic army and party was said to have celebrated the news of the attack.”

That last sentence – if true: Hamas idiots, a**eholes – unless they have an awful, cataclysmic agenda in mind, including one for even their own civilian population.

It’s interesting that, in the case of the suicide bombing in Varna, Bulgaria, back in mid-July, that killed 5 Israeli tourists and their Bulgarian (Muslim) driver, as well as injuring another 32 Jewish tourists, Israel (and the US) almost immediately publicly declared that it was the work of Hezbollah. Bulgarian security, anti-terrorism forces and spokespersons still refuse, after 4 months, to be fully drawn on this, despite admitting the possibility, while they continue their investigation.

In a rabidly hysterical society (Israel), it’s all too easy to instigate a primitive witch hunt, isn’t it? Let’s wait for some real proof, even in this lamentable case. Thankfully, no one was actually killed in this attack, unlike…

[1]: Spiegel Online International

[2]: Spiegel Online International

Image: Spiegel Online International


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