BBC: ‘How I missed the boat’

BBC Director-General George Entwistle

The shortest-serving BBC Director-General ever?

Well, I truly blew it!

I must have been “peddling my ewn cenoe” at the time.

I had started drafting a post earlier today (10th. November) about the ongoing troubles of the BBC in the wake of the sex scandal surrounding Jimmy Savile, and the latest fiasco concerning the resulting accusations of systemic child molestation in the UK, as broadcast (or not) by the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight, and the new DG’s (lack of) knowledge as to what, editorially, was going on in this evidently troubled department.

My drafted headline was:

BBC top dog: ‘Big crisis of trust’,

a very recent quote from the very man, George Entwistle.

It’s just been announced that Entwistle has resigned, on 10th. November, 2012. He took up his position as long ago as… 17th. September, 2012.[1]

Where did I learn this? From a direct news subscriber feed to the BBC.

More to follow (as they say). I was going to tell the story backwards, in any case!

[1]: BBC Online



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