Israeli peace process basic mathematics: a + b = much less than C

The Peace Process blown up, every day. (Isn’t that a British Land Rover?)

A small, localised incident, perhaps, on the Israeli-Palestinian Gaza border: a rocket fired from Gaza injures 3 Israeli soldiers, two of them seriously, and obliterates their jeep. Wrong behaviour.

In retaliation, the Israelis kill 3 Palestinians and wound another 20, including civilians. Very wrong behaviour.

Update 11.11.2012

The numbers involved were greater than first reported, it seems. It’s now confirmed by “local medical officials” that 4 Israeli soldiers were injured, with 4 Palestinian civilians killed and another 25 injured.[3]

Who is finally going to grasp this poisonous nettle, growing so prolifically on both sides of that infamous fence, and stop this strangling infestation of any credible peace process?

Obama, now he can be bolder during his second and final term as US President?

Netanyahu, that bellicose bully, who invariably speaks and acts like the proverbial fork-tongued snake whenever the Peace Process comes up?

The self-destructive Palestinian political schism, divided between West Bank and Gaza?

The sanctimonious EU, led by chinless wonder Ashton?

(Don’t even bother to mention mealy-mouthed, totally pathetic but self-aggrandising Blair, please! He seems to live a grand life, holed up  in the American Colony Hotel (hah, hah!) in East Jerusalem, all expenses paid, no real results expected.)

Somebody, somewhere, prevail… just DO something constructive.

If you think I’m being one-sided, have a look at the latest report on this website. Killing an epileptic? [2]

[1]: Deutsche Welle

[2]: International Middle East Media Center

[3]: The Independent


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