Another non-ethical social monster

The going rate for 1 million Facebook entries? $5! (By the way, a great signature!)

“The Bulgarian blogger and digital rights activist [Bogomil Shopov] who made headlines on Tuesday when he reported acquiring more than one million Facebook data entries for just $5, said Friday he is cooperating with Facebook as it conducts an internal investigation, but won’t comply with the company’s request to remove blog posts or not talk about the investigation.”[1]

I recommend the article (link below), and urge you to follow on to Shopov’s own site to read the latest news he has about his contact with that wonderful institution, Facebook. (Some of the comments to his article are fun, too!)[2]

I suppose (given my previous little rant about Google) that we all have ourselves to blame: we imagine we are all part of a large, benevolent, joined-up online community, while some businessmen take a hard-headed, exploitative attitude to [a] making money out of us; [b] using us purely as indiscrete treasure troves of marketing information, with all normal protective rights waived, once we sign up to their “services”; or [c], both.



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