Inspired low technology for $20

cardboard commuter bike

Not the prettiest – but it works, even in the rain!

It’s all too easy, these days, to go out and spend €10,000 on a top-quality racing bike. A premium Drag time trial bike, produced in Bulgaria,[2] can set you back more than €3,800.

So, it was quite a shock to read of a commuter bike that could sell for as little as $20, and be produced almost anywhere in the world. What’s more, it’s made of cardboard!

Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni first became intrigued when he heard about someone who had designed and built a cardboard canoe. He has since spent 4 years developing his ideas for a bike, basically rediscovering the potential properties of this universal packaging material.

The finished bike weighs about 20 lbs / 9 kg, but can support a rider of 24 times that weight, i.e., 485 lbs /  220 kgs. (If you’re close to that weight limit, I suspect that riding a bike is the last thing on your mind.)

By now, he reckons his concept could be manufactured for as little as $9, and sold, fully assembled, for $20. That’s much cheaper than even buying a cycle lock!

The final result, the Alfa, may be a little short on aesthetics; but it works – even in the wet. And if someone stole it, who’d give a damn?

There’s an interesting video to accompany the article on BikeRadar.[1]

[1]: BikeRadar

[2]: Drag Cycles, Bulgaria

Image: BikeRadar/Vimeo


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One Response to “Inspired low technology for $20”

  1. sozofia Says:

    I’d like to see how it would cope with somewhere as wet as Edinburgh…!

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