A modern-day Picture of Dorian Gray?

two faces of lance armstrong

Two-faced: worthy charity vs. cycling cheat.

I’m not going to write anything else on the subject of Lance Armstrong and the accusations of doping firmly levelled at him – at least until the UCI reacts.

But, please let me leave you with two good articles, meantime.

A: Matt Seaton in The Guardian[1] – read this first;

B: Michael Specter in The New Yorker[2]

I think the second article would serve for the majority of disenchanted, disappointed cycling fans. Except for the anti-penultimate paragraph which, as the first writer points out, is “a dangerous illusion” and, in my words, bloody daft. (The final paragraph, however, is graciously well-observed.)

Come on, UCI – get your act together, at long last… it seems you’ve failed for too many years.

[1]: The Guardian

[2]: The New Yorker

Original image: Mike Hutchings/Reuters


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