USADA: another pig in lipstick?

USADA a pig in lipstick

True? Wait and see!

I’ve been regularly following the story of ‘USADA* vs. Lance Armstrong’ since it hit the cycling headlines back in the summer, just as the Tour de France got under way.

However, I’ve not mentioned it (except for a photo item), as it seemed to me to be too introverted for this blog, concerning as it does alleged widespread and organised doping in professional cycling over several decades.

So, I’ve now changed my mind!

Armstrong said a while ago he refused to contest the (alleged) case against him for doping throughout his ‘glory years’ as the top international racing cyclist. This move, incidentally, led many to ‘decide’ he was guilty. But now…

“Lance Armstrong’s legal team has hit out at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in anticipation of USADA’s move this week to transfer its case file concerning Armstrong’s doping case to the UCI*.”

“Tim Herman, in a letter addressed to USADA counsel Bill Bock, accused the agency of relying on “serial perjurers” for testimony and using big tobacco lawyers to persecute the world’s foremost advocate for cancer patients.

He claims:

“This reasoned decision will be a farce, written by USADA with the significant assistance of lawyers from one of Big Tobacco’s favourite law firms at a time when Lance Armstrong is one of America’s leading anti-tobacco advocates… While USADA can put lipstick on a pig, it still remains a pig.”[1]

Oho, let’s up the ante, shall we! Now, we have a conspiracy involving alleged vested interests (tobacco), whereas the prime problem is –  and always has been: did the guy take (banned) drugs, or not?

It really would help matters considerably if USADA would actually release their alleged (and delayed) dossier of information to the UCI – who will then have to decide whether to strip Armstrong of his racing titles, including his record number (7) of Tour de France victories.

This is a sour saga, on so many levels…

*USADA: United States Anti-Doping Agency

*UCI: Union Cycliste Internationale / International Cycling Union

[1]: Velonews

Image: tatty internet pig image


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One Response to “USADA: another pig in lipstick?”

  1. v.k. venkov Says:

    Lance Armstrong is a cherub from heaven compared to the perilous tricks of these guys, who will probably get off lightly on a million technicalities:

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