Double-speak of the week: “national interest” = “I can’t get my own way”

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

“I did it my way” – so, I always do, and no one ever stops me!

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, eager to strengthen his political position after signalling that any military action against Iran could be merely months away, has called for an early election, according to Reuters.[1]

Netanyahu stated in a televised speech that “bickering” among his coalition partners over proposed cuts in the 2013 budget was a principal reason for heading to the polls.

“In the face of the turmoil around us, security and economic, it is my obligation as prime minister to put the national interest above all. Therefore I have decided for the benefit of Israel to hold elections now,” he said.

The deputy prime minister, Dan Meridor, sidestepped a question over whether an election meant that an Israeli attack on Iran would be postponed at least until the results were in.

“The Iranian issue is a main issue, not only for Israel, but for the United States, Europe and Arab countries. It must continue to be addressed, and the election will not interfere with that,” Meridor told Israel’s Channel One television.

These politicians really make me puke, at times!

[1]: Reuters

Image: The Telegraph (click on this for an interesting, short analysis of Netanyahu’s political ‘style’


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