‘Great oaks from little acorns grow’

turkey syria military exchanges

Growing tension. Escalating inter-regional conflict?

This adage is commonly used as a positive saying, meaning that great things may come from small beginnings.

Here’s the opposite

I’m not making a judgement against our neighbours, Turkey. After all, Syrian weaponry killed five of their cross-border civilians.

As someone observed recently, WW1 was effectively started by a lone gunman in Sarajevo.

DW online reports that:

Ankara has targeted Syria again after a bomb of Syrian origin landed on its soil.

The Turkish army fired on Syria for the third day running on Friday, a state-run news agency reported.

Turkey’s move was in retaliation to a mortar bomb fired from Syria landing in southern Turkish countryside, the governor of Hatay province was quoted as saying.

Ankara launched artillery attacks on Syria on Wednesday and Thursday after cross-border shelling from Syria left five Turkish citizens dead.

Turkey’s parliament on Thursday backed government-initiated legislation allowing the country’s army to carry out cross-border operations against Syria for up to a year, if deemed necessary.

The United Nations Security Council on Thursday also agreed on a resolution condemning the attack on the Turkish town on Alcakale, which killed five civilians, all women and children, on Wednesday.[1]

No peaceable end in sight to the Syrian bloodbath to keep a dictator in power. What’s the definition of an ‘Arab Autumn’, I wonder?

Update 1

Much more ominous headlines from Der Spiegel:

Turkey’s retaliation against Syria marks a dangerous new phase in the conflict — one that threatens to grow into a regional confrontation. That, though, might be what Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has in mind, say German editorialists on Friday. It could lead to greater Turkish influence in the Middle East.[2]


With deaths in Turkey, shelling in Lebanon and skirmishes on the border with Jordan, it is clear the war in Syria has begun to spill over to into neighboring states. The longer the crisis lasts, the greater the danger becomes of a major regional escalation.

Update 2

The UK Independent quotes Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan as warning Syria yesterday [5th. October] that testing Turkey would be “a fatal mistake”.

Striking a belligerent tone in a speech to a crowd in Istanbul, he said: “We are not interested in war, but we’re not far from it either. This nation has come to where it is today having gone through intercontinental wars.

“When they say ‘if you want peace, prepare for war’ it means that when the time comes, war becomes the key to peace.”

Turkey shares a border with Syria. Bulgaria shares a border with Turkey… no wonder the weather is still warm, over here.

[1]: DW Online

[2]: Spiegel Online

[3]: Spiegel Online

[4]: The Independent

Image source: The Telegraph


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