German foreign intelligence report shatters Afghan myths

swinging for afghanistan democracy

Taking a wild swipe for Afghani democracy?

According to a report by the Bundesnachrichtendienst(BND), Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, Afghanistan is in a total mess, despite European and American politicians’ declarations to the contrary.

A 21-page report, entitled “Afghanistan until 2014 – A Prognosis,” has been designated “classified/confidential” as a precautionary measure, given that its carefully compiled facts don’t match up with statements made to the public, according to Spiegel Online[1].

Embarrassed readers

It’s been sent to selected German officials: to the office of Chancellor Merkel as well as the defence, foreign, interior and development ministries. There, the report landed on the desks of select department heads, senior generals and the ministers themselves. “After taking a look,” grumbled one of the readers, “many wished that they’d never gotten hold of this document in the first place.”

The BND report asserts that “the Americans’ hands are tied by the presidential election, and the Taliban is merely marking time before the targeted withdrawal date of foreign soldiers.”

It further accuses the Afghani President Karzai of duplicity towards the West. “Karzai’s assurances to the West remain declarations of intent,” the document says.

Karzai is corrupt – surprise?

The report claims that Karzai wants to establish his older brother Adbul Qayum as a candidate for the presidential election scheduled for 2014, adding that he probably has the best chances of securing the decisive Pashtun vote in the country’s south. With this move, the BND figures, Karzai wants to safeguard “the protection of family interests and retain power.”

So – what’s the point of it all (once again) – more needless, useless deaths, to preserve some stupidly irrelevant idea of ‘democracy’, in this case, family interests in a poppy-strewn land?

‘Intelligence’, apparently – for once! But embarrassing for certain political ‘good guys’, and downright upsetting for us, mere citizens who have to somehow support their self-centred idiocies…

[1]: Spiegel Online

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