Let’s gang up again, guys – but against whom, and why?

Iran nuclear sites

Who is now disturbing ‘world order’, and why?

Here we go – yet again! The ‘great powers’, including the new recruit, China, now agree among themselves on a resolution; they now all back a draft resolution targeted at Iran and its suspected nuclear programme.

“The world community encircled Iran diplomatically on Wednesday, with Russia and China backing a draft resolution against its nuclear program.”[1]

Why? What causes them to unite so suddenly? Not the direct threat of Iran’s developing nuclear offensive missile capability – though some nations have warned for several years that this is, ultimately, Iran’s goal.

No, it’s more ‘subtle’, i.e., different from, that. It’s the international fear that Israel my well go ahead on its own (as it’s done several times before), lose patience, launch a pre-emptive attack on another country – in this case, Iran, say “sod the international consequences, America is still our friend”, and bomb the country while attempting to locate precise sites.

(As an aside, the UK press revealed today that the boss of the UK’s MI6 (SIS)  secretly travelled recently to Israel to try to persuade hothead Netanyahu to cool down – in both his rhetoric and threats – but without success.)

Yet another example of political globalisation (which seems to have effectively existed for some centuries – see my recent posts on Bulgaria). This may, or may not, be ultimately good. And that would not suit our big international players in the Middle East – not one of them. The joint move aims to defuse Israel’s confrontational stance toward Iran. For sure, none of these nation states is playing for our benefit, but merely juggling for a mutually convenient world order. Otherwise, they’d happily allow Israel to take the full blame for something many other nation states would love to do – ‘just in case’.

So, is this sanction truly aimed at Iran – or against Israel, (“the only democracy in the Middle East”), led as it is by a completely right-wing bunch of thugs, as equally hell-bent on their own superiority as their so-called threat, the undoubtedly provocative Iranian state?

The Middle Eastern pot just got appreciably warmer and more uncomfortable, I fear. And the question of who actually determines ‘world order’ became even clearer, despite differing ideologies, and especially for us unfortunates on the ineffective periphery.

But, while emphasising that I have nothing against its normal citizens,  it’s certainly high time that the international community also clamped down on the so-far tolerated excesses and continued international duplicity of this artificial Zionist state.

[1]:   Deutsche Welle

Image source: Guardian


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