Another tale of international political meddling

Charles Tegart, British colonial officer and eccentric

I admit to never having heard the name Charles Tegart until today, and didn’t know anything about his ‘contribution’ to the security of Palestine in the 1930s, a ring of defensive forts that bear his name.

The Irishman – Sir Charles Augustus Tegart (1881-1946) – was evidently a colourful and eccentric colonial character.

“He survived six assassination attempts in India and in spite of the danger he continued to drive around in an open-top car with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier riding on the bonnet.

“He liked to keep a defused bomb on his desk as a paperweight – a reminder of the dangers he faced and the enemies he pursued.

“When he threw it across the office one day in a fit of annoyance, it exploded – it hadn’t been properly defused after all.” [1]

If you’re intrigued by one man’s adventurous life, then I recommend this BBC article, written by Kevin Connolly. And – more to the point – if you want another example of a foreign ‘power’ meddling in other peoples’ affairs, then I doubly recommend this story. Britain – USA – Palestine – Israel – Zionists – colonialism – look at the legacy!

[1]: BBC Online 

Image source: BBC/Bodleian Library


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