Barankov: I’m stupid – “me no understand”

baankov ecuador human rights

Who… when…where… why… this is Ecuador!

Please excuse my use of a parody of a line from that classic UK TV series “Fawlty Towers” series, but… me, no understand…

“He claims to possess a dossier of incendiary information about high-level government corruption, and has been given political asylum by Ecuador.

“The case of Alexander Barankov, who has been living in Ecuador since he fled his homeland of Belarus three years ago, certainly bears a passing similarity to that of Julian Assange. But while the Ecuadorian government are trying to find a way to get the Wikileaks founder out of their London Embassy and back to South America, Mr Barankov could be sent the other way: he has been moved to a Quito prison and is facing extradition back to Belarus, where he could face the death penalty.”

What surreal world are we living in, please? Is anything real, any more? Hello, Ecuador…

[1]:The Independent

Image source: Internet



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