Armstrong: not so unique disgrace

lance armstrong in disgrace

Lance Armstrong falls on his own sword, aged 40



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3 Responses to “Armstrong: not so unique disgrace”

  1. blakeworld Says:

    Dear USADA,

    Congratulations……….All of you people there at the USADA have proved with your witch hunt of Lance Armstrong that you ALL are on the same playing field of some of the most despicable people on Earth……..right up there with the freaks at the Topeka, KS Westboro Church that picket soldiers funerals…..

    You people with your “Holier than Thou” attitude do NOTHING to inspire or lift people up as Lance Armstrong does…….you only exist to tear people down, which not only makes you all the worst kind of people, but makes you complete losers……and losers always hate people better than themselves…..that’s why they are losers and will always be losers……and you people are major LOSERS…….

    Lance Armstrong passed ALL the tests (nearly 500 of them in his career and many that were random) and still you persisted because you could not stand the fact that he was just a better athlete that all the rest……..I would expect that you will soon be going after Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps and most likely will be opening cases against Jim Thorpe, Jesse Owens, and Michael Jordan so you losers can feel like you have anything to do worth while…………

    There is NOT a Rath or Punishment severe enough to impose on all of you there at the USADA that you ALL deserve more than anyone I can think of for what you have done to Lance Armstrong, His Family, and to the millions of people around the world that his story and achievements have inspired and given strength to overcome against all odds……..You will all get yours in this life or the next……

    Most discusted,

    Blake Norris
    Las Vegas, NV

    • philinsofia Says:

      The open letter to USADA (above) demonstrates one side of the deep divisions that have opened up in the cycling world. All the facts have not yet been disclosed behind the USADA’s decision to ban Armstrong for life and strip him of all his titles (and prize money). Meanwhile, there’s a load of mis-information out there, too. For example, numerous references to the “fact” that LA passed over 500 doping tests. Here’s a different analysis, conservatively knocking down this claimed total to under 250.

      • blakeworld Says:

        Be it 500 tests or 250…….Lance passed them ALL……..that’s just trying to compare Apples to Oranges……Lance has been fighting (and Winning) these charges since 1999 (for 13 years)……..and last week he threw in the towel simply because he finaliy realized that you simply cannot fight STUPID………

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