Speculative Bulgarian justice

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Katev to get away with a suspended sentence

24 August 2012 | 00:36 | FOCUS News Agency

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Sofia. The former Deputy Finance Minister Krasimir Katev is likely to receive a suspended sentence due to a monstrous car crash he caused that killed two people aged 20 and 25, Balgariya Dnes daily wrote. On Tuesday night he was forced to interrupt his summer holidays in an elite golf complex near Balchik and on his way to Varna, near the village of Momchil, undertook a hazardous overtaking and hit an Opel with his powerful Touareg jeep killing the two young men. Even though information on the accident was spread by the media the police have yet not confirmed that the case regards Katev as the culprit. With a little help and good defense Katev is likely to undergo a shortened proceeding and receive a suspended sentence. Katev was Deputy Minister during the government of the National Movement Simeon II when Milen Velchev was Finance Minister. The two became infamous for the scandalous replacement of the Brady bonds with euro-denominated government debt that according to the estimates of MPs and ministers caused losses of over BGN 1 billion to the state due to the higher yield. After the mandate of the government of the National Movement Simeon II ended the two undertook a large-scale private business. Through their company Delta Capital International they consulted banker Tsvetan Vasilev (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Corporate Commercial Bank) over the privatization of Bulgartabac. Katev and Valchev are also part of the team responsible for carrying out the acquisition of the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC) by Corporate Commercial Bank that is close to the Bulgarian government.[1]

[1]: FOCUS   http://www.focus-fen.net/?id=n285717


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