Во Бугарија има се, само Бугари не!

Macedonia flag icon

Macedonia rules, OK!

There’s a sad man who lives in the apartment block opposite ours. He regularly appears on his balcony, and roars out gibberish at the top of his lungs. His performances may go on for more than an hour before he subsides.

This unfortunate behaviour draws a variety of responses from neighbours, locals and general passers-by. We are by now used to these outbursts; some become agitated or upset; I haven’t seen anyone get angry at him, or shout back.

I thought of him when I read that a Macedonian has just emitted such a nonsensical roar.

Midsummer madness + megalomania = Macedonia

Bulgarians have got used to the ridiculous pomp and posturing of the Skopje authorities in erecting monumentally grotesque statues of ‘Macedonian’ heroes in their city centre. They generally react with amusement to the ‘acquisition’ by Macedonia of Bulgarian historical figures, shrugging their shoulders and having a laugh at their deluded neighbours who seem bent on rewriting history – both their own, and that of their inferior neighbours.

Today, the Macedonian paper ‘Vecer’ has excelled itself by publishing a brilliant article by Todor Petrov, the self-styled Secretary General of the Macedonian World Congress, an ultra-nationalist NGO.[1]

This will be news to Bulgarians

The headline above reads (literally):
There are all sorts in Bulgaria, but Bulgarians – no!

Petrov claims in his article that “only the gypsies and Turks in Bulgaria are not Macedonians. The question is not whether the Macedonians in Macedonia are Bulgarians but whether there are Bulgarians in Bulgaria without Macedonian roots”!

He also suggests that Bulgaria needs Macedonians “to keep the demographic balance in time and space”.

And there’s more! Petrov proposes the Balkan Peninsula should be renamed as the Macedonian Peninsula.

As a Bulgarian news agency [2] points out, it’s rather strange that this Macedonian nationalist outburst comes from a man who calls himself Petr-ov, and not, as one might have expected, Petr-ovski.

The only worrying aspect is that this NGO calling itself so grandly the Macedonian World Congress [3] is closely allied to the VRMO-DPMNE party of Macedonia’s premier, Nikola Gruevski.

Apart from that, I’m sure I can hear hoots of laughter emanating from our neighbourhood, as Bulgaria ‘digests’ this latest piece of idiotic propaganda from its smaller neighbour.

It must just be the heat!

[1]: Vecer – original article online

[2] Sofia News Agency – with more background information

[3]: Wikipedia

Image source: iconspedia.com


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