The Holy See and blind hypocrisy

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Divine touch

The Vatican is refusing to accept Bulgaria’s current nominee for the position of Bulgarian Ambassador to the Holy See.

Why? Because Kiril Maritchkov, 39 years old, a lawyer fluent in 5 languages including Italian, married to an Italian lady, grandson of a previous Vatican ambassador, and son of a popular rock musician, wrote a book in which he graphically described a homosexual encounter between two of the characters.

This offensive book

‘Clandestination’, which was published in Italy, is the fictional story of Ivan, a young man fleeing social and economic upheaval in one of Russia’s satellite states after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Ivan, on arriving in Rome, finds that life in the West is not all he imagined, and he endures all kinds of hardship, eventually prostituting himself with an Italian. The book ends with him praying in a church for forgiveness and redemption.

No forgiveness, here

It’s reported that Archbishop Janusz Bolonek, the Pope’s Sofia representative, wrote to his superiors drawing attention to the offending part of the novel.[1] Apparently, Sofia is standing by its nominee, refusing to put forward an alternative name.

Now, if memory serves me correctly, isn’t it the Vatican itself that has been at the heart of so many sexual scandals (never mind its current alleged financial irregularities)? Only 2 years ago, Vatican ushers and choristers involved in gay prostitution? Organised child sexual abuse going back decades?

The pot calling the kettle black

So, intriguingly, we have a situation where a supposedly august body which has been proven to be actually corrupt and criminal, objects to a fictional (as far as we know) incident in a long novel as sufficient grounds to debar an otherwise outstanding candidate from taking up an ambassadorial position?


[1]: The Independent

Image source: Sistine Chapel


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