Emotive reporting from Syria

Emotive, unjustified headline?

I was drawn by the long headline – who wouldn’t be? “Syria: Scores of children killed by air strike in Bustan al-Qasar as Assad regime steps up bombardment of Aleppo”.

This is exactly the stuff the west wants (and needs?) to read about today’s Syria, isn’t it, with its (pre-)conceptions about the political and humanitarian situation in Syria?

However, (please correct me if I’m wrong), I don’t see the tally of numbers of children killed within the story correlating to the rather loud headline. (Please allow me to be insensitive about the numbers; but it wasn’t my headline.)

The report

What’s more, it’s not a typical Brit tabloid that’s reporting.[1] A score, by the way, is, numerically, a measure of 20. Therefore, with “scores of children”, we should be speaking of at least 40 killed. There may well have been “scores” killed, but it’s not included in the text I read (unless I’m really missing something?).

All this, apart from the grammatical errors scattered throughout, adds nothing to serious journalistic credibility.

As an aside: perhaps, this is only a result of the continued firing of editors and sub-editors within our once-great daily newspapers, purely as an economic measure?

The result

What could have been a good, ‘human story’; all gone wrong. No use to anyone.

And – will I trust this news source tomorrow… ?

[1]: The Independent


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