Some readers’ comments and questions

I’ve just spent some time reading through comments and feedback (and the dreaded, but effectively blocked spam!). In answer to some readers’ questions:

1: This is my first blog, the initial post appeared on 1st. March, 2011. There was a long hiatus last year, caused by my computer blowing up.

2: No, it’s not a paid site – no ads, no sponsors. It’s just something I do for fun, in my own time – which is why I don’t get around to posting regularly enough! This allows me complete freedom to write about whatever I want, within the themes I’ve set myself.

3: The design is a standard WordPress template – Kubrick. The only thing I’ve customised is the logo and title.

4: To the person wanting to start out – well, just go for it! I spent a while playing around with a dummy site, just to get the feel of things, before publishing. Do it, if you have something to say!

5: Thanks also for individual comments, liking particular items or even the appearance of the site. Feedback like that is very encouraging – so, thank you!

PS: Those comments that are in general complimentary: I shan’t acknowledge them, but they are definitely appreciated. As for ‘boilche’, please contact me as to why you are confused by my language – I’m trying to make it internationally accepted (apart from some local quotations, which I hope I explain).


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