Baking Bulgaria

Hot, hot, hot!

It was 24 years ago that a prominent NASA scientist, James Hansen, warned the world of a phenomenon he called global warming.

Hansen has recently published an updated report where he, basically, repeats his assertion that heat waves worldwide in the past few years (USA, Russia, etc.) are directly attributable to climate change.[1]

His views are, of course, challenged by other scientists. One thing’s certain, though: whatever caused it, Bulgaria is baking, this summer.

The other evening, we were discussing whether it was hotter this year than last. It seems reasonable to say, so far, that is indeed the case.

Sofia statistics

I checked out some data for Sofia from an online weather guide, and here are some simple statistics derived from a comparison of June and July 2011 and 2012. Note that the dates for both years do not quite coincide, but the differences are quite clear – and I thought last year was a cracking summer!

Daily sunshine hours

I counted only those days with 12 or more sunshine hours. 2011: 23 days. 2012: 37.

Maximum temperatures

Days of 30ºC max. or more. 2011: 20 days. 2012: 38

Rainfall (what’s that!)

2011: 126 mm. 2012: 48 mm (on 6 days in 8 weeks).

And August?

Let’s wait until the end of this month for another comparison! Now, it’s time for a cool beer…

[1]: USA Today

Image source: USA Today

Data and graphics: WeatherOnline


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