So nice to know!

No problem, then! The man says so.

Well, Europe will be OK; so good to know, thanks to an expert on national debt.

While the EU and Europe make all sorts of dramatic, frenzied moves to sort out their own crisis, it must be soothing good news to hear from the US President that we’ll sort it all out, eventually.”Everting’ goin’ a be alright”, as Bob Marley would say.

Perhaps he should focus on his own economy – I’ve lost count of the trillions of dollars America owes, while several large US cities are facing, or filing for, bankruptcy – all for the same reasons that Europe is suffering. Have a look here, if you doubt me!

It’s nice to know someone cares, though, and is so optimistic. Is it uncharitable to ask him to sort out his own mess first, before pontificating about other states and fiscal unions?

Check this article for information.


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One Response to “So nice to know!”

  1. Slavianka Says:

    Didi you know that Obama is said to be11th removed grandson of the first slave officially registered in the USA? Well, I didn’t. It’s common knowledge that the ancestors of the black-skinned Americans came to that continent as slaves. But I bet that all this US-president pedigree is fake. When one does not have something to be proud with, one prides oneself with one’s lack of luck. Slavery is definitely unlucky. And he/she insists mentoring people all around him/her – the goal being to make the biblical ‘last shall be first’ true.

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