Obama: “… the world is watching”

Syria lies and hypocrisy Robert Fisk

Lies and hypocrisy

We’re 17 months in to the conflict in Syria. Over 19,000 dead, who knows how many injured, Assad still in power.

Western and eastern nations issue conflicting statements and mutual condemnations. The UN sends in ineffective peacekeepers (they had no chance, given their ‘observer’ status), and its top officials use terms like ‘regrettable’, ‘outrageous’ to no effect, while wringing their hands in inaction. Annan’s peace plan is a total failure (remember his non-performance as the Rwandan genocide raged back in the 90s?).

The international politics at play in this lamentable scenario is beyond me. All I see is that citizens (and soldiers) are dying throughout Syria. Aleppo is only the latest city that seems to be on the verge of destruction.

So, it was informative to read an analysis by Robert Fisk (I know, his views are contentious) on how, as far as major national interests are concerned, the fate of Syria is beyond the slaughter of many thousands of its citizens on all sides, and is viewed through the long-sighted lens of trading influence throughout the Middle East.

“The world is watching”, my arse. We are helpless voyeurs, they are calculating strategic elites. meantime, for different reasons, everyone watches… and waits.

Fisk’s article recommended![1]

[1]: The Independent

Image source: Reuters


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