Where has that b*logger been (again)?

Some of you have commented that I’ve not been posting much this month. You’re right!

Where on earth has he gone this time… ?

Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve been offline most of each day, with time only to scan online news and events in the late evening and catch up with the daily action of the Tour de France. While I’ve drafted ideas for a few items, I’ve been too tired to concentrate on getting posts fully together for publication.

Over the next days, I hope to catch up on some of those events that have caught my attention, update them if they’re not too stale, and push them into cyberspace.

The specific reason for being offline will, therefore, eventually become clear; the situation I found myself in has also provided some entertaining material!

I’ll leave you for now with that teasing prospect, Meantime, a brief return to the business of prize money awarded at the Tour de France, touched upon already.


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