That bossy woman — speechless, nothing to say, for once

speechless for once

Nothing to say

In the days before Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived here on Saturday, becoming the highest-ranking American official to meet with Egypt’s newly elected Islamist president [Mohamed Morsi], she planned to deliver a forceful public speech about democracy.

But with the new president still struggling to wrest power from Egypt’s top generals, there were too many questions, too many pitfalls and too little new for Mrs. Clinton to offer, said several people briefed on the process. Ms. Clinton called off  the speech virtually on the eve of her arrival.

All of which has lent what some American officials say is a sense of futility about Washington’s muffled voice in the future of a strategic ally.

“In some ways all the talk in Washington about what to do in Egypt is incredibly inefficient,” said Peter Mandaville, a political scientist at George Mason University who until recently advised the State Department on Islamist politics in the region. “At a time of virtually zero U.S. influence, we don’t need to waste so much time figuring out how to try to get the Egyptian people to like us.”

Is this American policy? Getting “them” to “like us”? No wonder it all works so well, so much of the time. “Inefficient”, “waste so much time” , “virtually zero U.S. influence”. When will they finally get the message, and stay on their reservation?

Source: The New York Times


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