4 Bs that none of us need

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Two strutting Bs

There are four ‘gentlemen’, all internationally known, who share the initial ‘B’ in their family name. Four, who have annoyed and angered millions of us across the years, and whom we wish would somehow crawl away, never to be seen or heard of again. Of these, there’s one who’s virtually done that, but he’s the honourable exception.

1: Bush, George ‘Dubya’:
now, I never thought I might express a word of praise for this ex-leader of the ‘free world’. Since he was ousted (bravo) from his position as US President, as architect of the so-called war against terrorism (= US paranoia and repressive control of its own, and other, citizens), and a complete reactionary, water-boarding buffoon who couldn’t even correctly articulate the word ‘nuclear’, I have been impressed by the fact that he has kept his promise not to be involved in, or comment upon, matters of politics and public life. Additionally, he declared he would only be involved with support work for US military veterans (he helped to ensure there are plenty of those). In other words, he has been extremely quiet. One ‘B’ with full marks, then!

And, the others?

2: Blair, Tony:
also known as Tony B. Liar. The UK voter eventually turned against him, and he, too, was kicked out of power.  Since then, it’s alleged he has amassed huge piles of cash (£20 million last year) [1]; it’s turned out that he apparently lied to the UK Parliament and, therefore, the British public about the reasons for going to war in Iraq (a controversy that still rages); he’s now a member of the so-called UN Quartet, a small think-tank set up to advise on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (didn’t they do well, so far!); has dubious dealings ‘advising’ some unsavoury dictatorships for big wads of folding money, and a whole load more.

And now, this unconscionable character, who admits he wanted to be the first President of the EU and may try again (heaven help us all), announces that he’d also like to serve another term as the British PM – having learned a few lessons, by his own confession. Like – lying more expertly to the voter? He’s also recently stuck his nose in to the debate on the UK joining the Euro and a UK referendum on staying in the EU, both topics that are no longer his business. He’s given several media interviews over the past week, leading observers to surmise that something is definitely on the cards – the trouble is, who wants him? (There’s a great fantasy piece on the subject in The Independent.) [2]

3: Berlusconi, Silvio:
also known as Bunga-Bunga Berlusconi. Is this total clown, who did nothing over several years to improve the Italian economy (why does the country now have a technocrat government?), really serious when he announces that he may re-enter politics in the autumn elections? And on a platform to take Italy out of the Euro (ha, ha; that’s another of his ‘little jokes’).  Whatever Monti, his successor, is achieving now (despite his inevitable low public ratings), do any of us want to see this aged Lothario with his ridiculously fresh-looking strands of painted hair, strutting the European stage yet again? I think the Italians have a little more finesse than to accept this mafia consort for a comic encore.

4: Beckham, David:
away from politics, sort-of; a 37-year-old English footballer, who somehow managed to turn himself into a self-promoting commercial brand. As far as I’m concerned, he was indifferent as a player – if you think that’s an extreme view, read what George Best famously said about him: “He can’t run; he can’t beat a man; he can’t head a ball; he can’t use his left foot, but apart from that he’s alright.”

So, he ran off to play ‘soccer’ in America, and live an extravagant lifestyle accompanied by his equally odious (and talentless) wife, Victoria. But he recently announced that he’d ‘love’ to captain Team GB at this summer’s Olympics. Well, well! It turns out that the UK selector, having travelled to the US to watch this little B in action, was so unimpressed that Beckham Inc. is not even included in the British team, let alone being captain!

Just one more B

So, I’m pleased and surprised by Bush sticking to his word. As for those other three – I have nothing but ridicule (it’s not even contempt) for their complete egoism, and for the fact that they evidently can’t grasp the concept of a personal ‘sell-by’ date.

Finally, there’s one other potential candidate, who doesn’t quite qualify, yet: Boyko Borisov, the Bulgarian Prime Minister. The man who endlessly cuts ribbons to open a 10-km stretch of new motorway (largely paid for by the EU); the boor who refuses to observe the welcoming tradition of presenting him with bread and salt; the man whose government sends a controversial Bill to the President, and then, a few days later, he congratulates the latter on his wisdom in vetoing that same bill; who belatedly promises ‘constructive dialogue’ with protestors  after parliament upholds the veto (yes, I’m referring to the Forestry Act). A PM who insults his own country’s pensioners in a public address in North America. Etc., etc..

And now, while brushing aside continued accusations of being involved in illegal businesses during his gilded career [3], he states that he is looking forward to being Prime Minister for a second term.

Hold on, you Bs! We, the smelly people in the streets, have had enough of your pretentious, arrogant claptrap! And, believe it or not, we are not so damned thick and gullible! Or are we?

[1]: Mail Online

[2]: The Independent

[3]: Bivol.bg

Image source: Tory Aardvark


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