Why I get angry at times

Bulgarian and Romanian workers in UK

Screenshot: BBC website

This article on the BBC website is brilliant! In fewer than 450 words, it lays bare – what? So much that is so awful about Britain (I was, wrongly, going to say Europe) and its immigration policies.

If I started quoting the ‘juicy bits’ in this piece, I’d basically have to reprint the entire article. Note it is filed under BBC/News/UK/England.

So, please read it for yourselves, and draw your own conclusions.[1] Oh, and please flick through the illuminating comments, as well!

While much of the UK media (and not just the tabloids) run endless horror stories about ‘hordes’ and ’swarms’ of invading ‘benefit cheats, beggars and pick-pockets’ from Eastern Europe, particularly from Bulgaria and Romania, these people are also doing work that no ‘true’ Brit would stoop to. I must stop there, except…

Just permit me one personal intrusion. I was recently discussing (by email) the topic of German immigration (i.e., Turks). My correspondent (of dual British/German citizenship) commented that: “Even Germans are having to apply for work as bin-men [trash collectors], and mostly the Turks get the jobs.’

As readers already know, or have guessed: I’m Welsh, and living in Bulgaria (and have worked extensively in Romania), so I hope I can see clearly all three sides alluded to in the article.

And I’m boiling with anger at the unfairness, the snobbishness, the laziness, the implied superiority, and the xenophobic attitudes properly raised and quoted by this piece of journalism.

The BBC may have messed up on the royal jubilee ‘events’, but there are still some honest journalists hidden in the cellars. Thank you, Patrick Burns!

[1]: BBC online


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2 Responses to “Why I get angry at times”

  1. Славянка Says:

    Thank you for this post, Phil! We, the East-Europe natives, are not a second-hand population!

  2. Birol Says:

    unfortunately would leave today if all of South Eastern Europe, I think jumping create an unprecedented crisis in UK, and I say this because in many cities in the UK are cases entire neighborhoods or streets filled with such people, who still do not forget about the contributions, pay taxes from wages paid for house rent, pay the current and heat sources, pay telephone and Internet services, pay for food purchases, pay for the dress, pay for comfort created, and not Finally there are many people who already own rates for private properties, and all they just work very hard and poorly paid! Both agricultural farms and food industry is a very high percentage of such people indeed, that in the best conditions earn minimum wage, or in many cases work just below the minimum wage, and yet managed to send some money and win in their countries for various problems they would each one.
    Is not really liked the heavy jobs to be filled only by those in South Eastern Europe, but let’s not forget though that they bring and positive contribution to UK economy

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