Happy Birthday, B.B.!

gift for Boyko Borisov birthday

They don’t come much bigger than this!

Birthdays are big in Bulgaria, especially when it’s the Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, celebrating his 53rd., on 13 June, 2012. (Bloody Geminis!)

First, the sycophantic media quote (note the word order, with which I have not tampered).

“Bulgarian ministers, functionaries of the ruling party GERB, and aides, among others, are going to shower once again with gifts Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on his birthday.”

Apparently, Borisov was going to receive, among other presents, a live calf, an electronic cigarette (to commemorate the recent smoking ban) and other “undeclared secret” gifts.

If you refer again to the image above, it’s evident the gifts were on a truly expansive scale.

But, what Bate Borisov was not expecting was the unwelcome gift of an environmental protest. A specific row has been simmering – indeed, boiling – for several months about changes to the Forestry Act, and the latest manifestation of discontent was organised especially for ‘the birthday boy’.

There’s a vivid video report, accompanied by this brief text, on the website of Капитал:

Кръстовището на “Орлов мост” в София бе блокирано за близо час и половина от протест срещу промените в Закона за горите, улесняващи изграждането на ски-писти и съоръжения в горите. Поправките бяха приети по-рано през деня от Народното събрание. Природозащитниците се организираха чрез социалните мрежи и озаглавиха протеста си “Да отнемем подаръка на Бойко”, заради рождения ден на министър-председателя Бойко Борисов. Полицията задържа няколко граждани.

 … quickly translated as:

The junction of the Eagle’s Bridge in Sofia was blocked for nearly an hour and a half by a protest against changes in the Forestry Act to facilitate the construction of ski runs and other facilities in forests. Amendments were adopted earlier in the day by the [Bulgarian] National Assembly [Parliament]. Environmentalists had organised themselves via social networks [to attend a] protest entitled “To take away the gift of Boyko”, because of the birthday of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. Police detained several citizens.

(Another news source announced 12 arrests.)

Watch the video [1] (3 mins+, links below). Plenty of action, on both sides.

More on the reasons behind the birthday protest to follow.

[1]: Kapital (video and text) Note: the video may take some time to load, depending on your browser. Otherwise, go to www.kapital.bg, and track it down manually under “protest happy birthday to you”.

[2] Image source: to be acknowledged asap.


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One Response to “Happy Birthday, B.B.!”

  1. sozofia Says:

    I’d read about the protests but not about the “shower of gifts” for the PM – this is definitely featuring on my blog, thanks for the inspiration!

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