Lost in cyberspace

Lost in cyberspace

Lonely and languishing

A friend of mine lamented some months ago that this site was “lonely” and languishing unattended in cyberspace.

There were two reasons for this:

1: this blogger had become thoroughly despondent with the overwhelming amount of bad or negative news he was reading at the time: nothing positive and noteworthy seemed to be happening, either in Bulgaria or on the international front.

2: his faithful laptop went into terminal decline, finally expiring in a 60s psychedelic kaleidoscope of colours.

Since that time (August last year), the latter situation has been resolved, and my old data eventually retrieved. As for the former – well, I have resolved to search more diligently for positive news; not to present a saccharine view of events, but to try to provide some relief from the natural and man-made disasters that seem unceasingly to surround us.

There’s one other motivation for my returning to this blog. A few days ago, I read a message on a site I follow regularly, where the author explained that he would (justifiably) not be able to publish as often as usual for a while – and I felt rather let down! Also – in similar vein – I had become puzzled by the apparent ossification of a Bulgarian English-language news site I also read regularly – I’m referring to The Sofia Echo, which seems to have contracted some kind of paralysis early in May, with no public explanation (unless I missed it). Have a look for yourself, here; and if you can shed any light on this mystery, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

With the coincidence of these two developments, I realised that, once one starts a blog and attracts some readers, however modest their number, there’s a continuing obligation to publish items.

In the time spent offline, I have kept some interesting reference material, and hope to use some of it, as long as the story has not become totally stale. Similarly, there’s a load of useful current material that falls into the principal categories and priorities of this site. (I’ve also been working on another weblog of a totally different kind – more on that, later.) Finally, it’s also a question of my regaining the discipline of devoting some part of the day to preparing the next item for publication!

So, you have been warned! Thanks for your patience.

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