Battle of the Cockroaches: progress

Miserable invader eradicated – we hope!

I mentioned the goings-on in our apartment block, and our attempts to get some concerted action to eliminate our unwanted cockroach visitors.

It all happened last weekend – the expert arrived, armed with a mobile aerosol tank. The call went out among the occupants to open up their individual basement storage rooms. Thirty minutes of scurrying activity followed, while the eradicator patiently waited to spray his poison.

It was a nice and rare occasion to meet all the neighbours together!

More to the point, the superintendent paid up; and it looks like a job well done. There are, it seems, hardly any survivors this week in our apartment.

Looking for an image to add to this note, I came across a web site with comprehensive information on these horrible but fascinating creatures. If you are not the squeamish type, it’s worth reading “Cockroach facts” on the site of the same name.[1]

  • The world’s largest species measures 6” (15 cms) with a wingspan of 12” (ugh!);
  • They can survive without food for a month;
  • An adult can squeeze into a space of 1.6 mm – no wonder they disappear so fast!

I’ll leave it at that – it’s up to you to follow the link! We. meantime, are hoping our  own apartment remains undisturbed by these miserable invaders.

Source [1]:



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