Breath-taking proposition!

Kosovo national flag

I have just recommended Der Spiegel for its content (see previous post). But, I have to admit my shock at reading their commentary this evening (by Olaf Ihlau) on the recent violence at the customs post of Jarinje, on the Kosovo-Serbia border. I quote his conclusion, with no intelligent comment – principally, because I’m (as they say) gobsmacked!

“Twelve years after the NATO intervention during the Kosovo War, it is clear that it was an historical mistake on the part of the European Union not to have integrated all of Yugoslavia’s successor states in one fell swoop after the wars of succession. Until all the countries in the Balkans become EU member states, they will remain Europe’s Achilles’ heel.”

Wow! Pick the bones out of this one!

Source: Der Spiegel

Update: More on the author of the quoted article here.




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