“Dunce!” – I haven’t seen this word in years!

EU flag

EU dunces?

“You are a dunce, and a dolt!” my old Physical Science teacher once told me, 50 years ago. As you see, I still remember his (sort-of justified, in my terms) insult from that time.

So, I was astonished to see the word “dunce” in a media headline today, and had to read the item. Here’s the headline, in full:

 EU – a confederacy of dunces

The piece apparently appeared in the Lisbon ‘Jornal de Négosios on 30th. May, 2011, and was picked up for re-publishing by Presseurop.eu.

Written by Eduardo Paz Ferreira, a Portuguese professor of law, it argues that the EU is not pursuing the most appropriate course of action with regard to certain countries’ debt crises.

As expected by the headline, Ferreira doesn’t pull his punches. Refreshing! And, what seems, moreover, to be a plausible argument.

Source [1]: Presseurop.eu


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