Harold Camping’s eternity hangover

end of the world 2011

The Rapture – sorry, unpredictably delayed!

Well, it didn’t happen! The world did not come to an end in a moment of “Rapture” (only for the chosen, of course, as always). 6pm, 21st. May, 2011, came – and went, to be replaced by today.

It was just another cranky prophecy of the apocalypse, by yet another religious zealot and (very rich) eccentric. My own hope is that he woke up, surprised, shocked, bemused, and then, over a terrestrial breakfast of eggs (sunny side up, whatever that means) and cawfee, he realised his head was really hurting, not just because of his own bruised ego (and shattered reputation, I also hope), but because of all those stupid lives he has wrecked.

Whose lives? Those who, it seems worldwide, were duped by his so-called divine and universal message. Those who, reportedly, spent their life savings on funding advertisements for his self-declared proposition on the end of the world, those who sold all their possessions, even, allegedly, someone who tried out a suicide pact on their family. [1]

Most of the cases I have  seen reported until now have been of American ‘supporters, affiliates, converts’, etc.. It makes me seriously wonder about their mentality. The USA continually informs the rest of the world that they are the best at everything, that they have the highest standards of – well, everything you could think of; what they don’t need to tell the rest of us primitive human beings is that some  (too many by far) of their own are the most gullible, simplistic, primitive and ideologically-deprived  idiots on earth.

As for us, the “morons” who still attempt to demonstrate (even to practise) moral and religious certitudes of varying credibility, what are our concerns? Will the world suddenly and arbitrarily end in cataclysmic ‘rapture’, according to old-fashioned ideas of heaven (for the chosen) and hell (for anyone else – always the majority – who disagree with them)?

Or do we all – atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and every other recognised mainstream religion – need to look for salvation of this shared and fragile earth in our personalised expressions and actions  of moral and everyday behaviour, from individual to family to larger society, including big business and governments?

Whether we believe in, for example, global warming, or not; nuclear power, or not; freedom of expression, or not; and innumerable other current issues, we surely all need to take care that our own actions do not wilfully hasten the real “Non-Rapture”, the end of our imperfect world, as we know it.

For an expression of human solidarity like that, I might well happily and consciously spend my life savings.

As one newspaper commented: “Tricky reality…”

Source [1] of many: The Independent (UK)

And, if you want more about this ‘preacher-man’, try: Washington Post – interesting reported fact about his own family!


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