Quiet wedding: family, friends, dignitaries, assorted monarchs – and a few dictators

TV test card

Today's TV viewing

The image (left) is what has been showing on my TV today, in my attempt to avoid even further exposure to the latest outbreak of monarchist hysteria.

For the past 100 days, the international news networks have bombarded us with all sorts of trivia concerning today’s wedding in London.

The BBC, for one, seemed to lose all sense of its much vaunted “impartiality” and basic journalistic values. Several days ago, I caught this snippet: “As most of Britain prepares for the royal wedding…” Then, yesterday, promoting their web site: “We are the home of the royal wedding.”  Oh really, in both cases!

There’s nothing new to be said or done about the entire business, except to perhaps wait for an international toothpaste manufacturer to pounce on the heir to the heir of the English throne and his middleton wife to represent them in a TV advertising campaign, showing off their amazing sets of molars. Brand name ‘Royalgate’, perhaps?

Wading through all the rubbish on the Internet, I found a few articles of interest to me.

Source [1]: The Economist: Eastern Approaches blog entry, by T.J.

Source [2]: Der Spiegel: A Fairytale Wedding? What Nonsense!, by Marco Evers

Source [3]: Slate.com: Beware the In-Laws, by Christopher Hitchens

Source [4]: Republic.org.uk: Campaigning for a democratic alternative…

With the myth that royalty is somehow good for UK tourism thoroughly debunked (and what sort of intellectual argument was it, in any case?), some of us, at least, are still trying to work out why we have to suffer this medieval institution and its dysfunctional, interbred members – not only in the UK, but all around Europe.


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