No such thing as bad publicity?


Truly an 'unexpected extra'!

Like millions of people around the world, I have owned several Casio watches. I had a particular favourite, which gave the wearer dual time-zones with a click of a single button – great for international travel – and was very disappointed when they stopped making them.

But if I’d only known at the time – Casio, the wrist watch preferred by Al-Qaeda terrorists!

Are those guys seriously crackers?

I mean the US authorities who earnestly tracked down Casio owners in their attempts to colonise Guantanamo Bay. According, that is, to the latest raft of 759* / 765** US “intelligence” communications released by Wikileaks.

Der Spiegel Online has beaten me to it, with an elegant article on the subject, [1] and a more comprehensive overview of the leaked messages. [2] Also, have a look at The Guardian’s coverage. [3]

So, do you think I should get rid of that old watch, still sitting in a drawer with its cracked face-piece? Or treat it to a new battery?

* Guardian figures, ** Der Spiegel figures

Source [1]: Der Spiegel

Source [2]: Der Spiegel

Source [3]: The Guardian

Image source: Casio Watches4U


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