Easter good news in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Easter Eggs

Easter gifts

With civil unrest in North Africa and the Middle East, with sectarian violence and war in Iraq and Afghanistan, there was some positive Easter news in Bulgaria this weekend.

With the western and eastern festival coinciding this year, it was heartening to listen to TV and radio reports that a joint Catholic and Orthodox mass was held in the Danube city of Ruse. This has become a regular feature whenever the “two” Easters fall on the same date. What is more, Armenians were also invited, as they observed the 96th. anniversary of the Armenian genocide. [1]

In the southern city of Kardzhali, the local mufti, Beyhan Ahmed, led a group of Muslims to visit the local church as the Orthodox mass was being observed. They handed out gifts, and took part in the service.[2]

Small gestures, maybe – but reassuring and significant in today’s polarised societies.

Source [1]: BNR

Source [2]: SNA


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