Biking around Bulgaria: 3 weeks on!

"Cycle Safe" Bike Marathon continues

I recently wrote about the “Cycle Safe” marathon bike ride around Bulgaria. The event has now been going on for three weeks, and will end in Sofia on Wednesday, 4th. May. Only another 10 days to go!

The hard core of some 30 cyclists tackling the entire route – 2,500 km – is joined daily by riders from the local area, and there have been some enthusiastic receptions in the towns and cities already visited.

By now, the groups have already crossed to the Black Sea coast, and on their way back are now tackling the difficult terrain around Kardjali and Smolyan. While some daily runs have been quite short, allowing time for sight-seeing, there have also been a few tough, long days in the saddle.

The weather has, for the most part, been reasonable, apart from a couple of wet days in the first week.

A cold, wet day!

So, for all those taking part for the rest of the marathon – continued good luck! Less than 785 km to the finish!

Source [1]: You can read a daily log (with photos) detailing the progress of the marathon here (now in EN, as well as BG).

But always fine on the Black Sea!


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