Two tales of Wales: 2: Digging for elephants

Elephant hunt


Tregaron, a sleepy market town in mid-Wales, is an unlikely place to find an elephant. Especially a dead one. Or is it?

Batty’s Travelling Menageries visited the town in 1848, with a live elephant among its attractions. The beast drank contaminated water, and died. The story goes that it was buried in the garden behind the local Talbot Hotel.

This weekend, a team of 10 archaeolgists from the University of Wales began digging up the beer garden, hoping to find clues to the alleged burial place. [1]

The big problem is that the hotel once owned 100 acres of land, and the elephant could be buried elsewhere.

Meantime, the licensee is hoping the activity and publicity will bring in more customers to his well-known establishment (they serve a lovely pint!)

Nothing to do with the elephant: I remember part of a classic TV interview with one of the old locals, many years ago. When asked “Where exactly is Tregaron?”, he immediately answered: “It’s right outside the Talbot front door!” A gentleman of immaculate priorities.

Source [1]: BBC Wales

Image source: The Circus “No Spin Zone”


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