Two tales of Wales: 1: The horse whisperer

Wild Welsh ponies

Remember the film, starring and directed by Robert Redford? It seems there’s a direct Welsh connection.

Barry Thomas, based in Crymych, is preparing to tame a number of wild ponies that roam the northern Carneddau mountain range. He learned his horse whispering techniques from American trainer Monty Roberts, widely believed to have been the inspiration for the book and film.

The semi-wild ponies have been a feature of the Snowdonia area for thousands of years, but now number only about 300 mares. [1]

The hope is to tame them sufficiently for them to stop being a danger to themselves and humans, while ultimately continuing to allow them to roam free.

Thomas, who will shortly take two ponies to his Pembrokeshire farm to begin the experiment, claims his art is to establish trust with the animals through direct eye contact. If they can be taught to fear humans less, the breed has, he reckons, a better chance of survival.

There’s more about the Carneddau ponies here. [2]

Source [1]: BBC Wales

Source [2]: BBC Wales


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