Biking around Bulgaria

"Cycle Safe" around Bulgaria


A marathon bike ride around Bulgaria set off from Sofia this morning. Organised by the Factor Foundation, the aim of the “Cycle Safe” event is to heighten awareness of cyclists and the benefits of biking in Bulgaria.

The entire route covers about 2,500 km, and is scheduled to finish on 4th. May. The organisers have attracted 29 cyclists who are committed to covering the full route. Most are Bulgarians, but there are also representatives from Moldova, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine – there’s even one rider from the Republic of South Africa.

As well as these die-hards, another 135 people have signed up to ride various sections of the route. Daily stages very in length from 28 kms to 135 kms, and together form a virtual Tour of Bulgaria.

"Cycle Safe" route map of Bulgaria

This first charity marathon has several aims, which include: promoting cycling as a means of safe transport in cities; presenting a comparative perspective of the use of this environmentally friendly mode of transport; building and maintaining a national network of bicycle paths, bicycle paths and cycling sectors in Bulgaria; the creation of a European cycling tourist corridor through the territory of Bulgaria and maintenance of existing paths for biking and bicycling.

The weather (at the moment) is kind. The route is spectacular, with a few rather tough stages. I can’t think of a better way to see this country, provided you are fit enough to enjoy the daily physical demand. I wish I could have been free to commit to a month of cycling!

Good luck to all who are taking part in this fun, and worthwhile challenge.

Source [1]: (in Bulgarian and English).


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