Blogs and websites I enjoy (1)

I have to admit I subscribe to a range of daily RSS news and blog sources, and there are a couple of the latter category I’d heartily recommend for a regular read.

I found these two several months ago, while researching recent UK Ambassadors who had, for various reasons, eventually fallen foul of their “politically expedient” masters.

All I wish to say is that I urge you to have a look at the blog sites cited below. These gentlemen seem to have a certain aura (not to say enlarged ego) at times, but their contributions are succinctly written, pertinent, outspoken, and invariably make good sense – whether one agrees with their viewpoint or not.

And, it’s good fun when one has a go at the other!

I’ve had the privilege of meeting several UK Ambassadors while working abroad, and must say that they were (with one significant exception) most impressive personalities: polite and diplomatic (of course); well-directed; highly and perceptively observant of the local “scene” (I’d love to see Wikileaks publish some of  their memos to base!); hugely practical with any help or advice needed; and bloody ruthless, but charming, in using UK citizens (should that be “subjects”?) when it suited them.

You’ll see them in my ‘Blog and web links’, or follow the links to :

Charles Crawford

Craig Murray



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