Second coming, second time around

"The end of the world is nigh" - again


Why, I wonder, have I been bothering with trying to get together this blog, when the world is, we are informed, going to end on 21st. May this year?

The UK Independent [1] reports on an American preacher, Harold Camping, who is confidently predicting the Second Coming on that date – at 6pm, to be precise (in which time zone, I pedantically wonder?). According to Camping, 2 per cent of the world population will be “raptured” to heaven; the rest of us will, I suppose, be packing our bags for another destination.

Another isolated nutter? It seems not. He communicates with his followers via a radio network of 66 stations, entirely funded (with assets of $120 mn) by listeners and, presumably, devotees. He also broadcasts worldwide, in 48 languages, according to the report.

And I had the erroneous impression that all Americans were in debt or broke, had lost their mortgaged houses along with their jobs, and paid more for petrol than for Bourbon. Silly me – $120 mn!

There’s an old saying: “Three tries for a Welshman!” I have to earnestly hope that this gentleman is wrong about all this, as he was in September 1994, and has to return to his Bible studies.

“At that time there was a lot of the Bible I had not really researched very carefully,” he admits.

Ominously, he adds: “But now, we’ve had the chance to do just an enormous amount of additional study and God has given us outstanding proofs that it really is going to happen.”

Well, what a dilemma – continue to work on this blog, or put my feet up and wait for the May countdown?

Source [1]: The Independent



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