Euro fantasy football

Double-dashed hopes


I’m not a huge enthusiast of football, though I’ll happily watch national or international fixtures and tournaments.

So, I was doubly miserable on Saturday, when Wales lost 0-2 to England, and Bulgaria drew 0-0 against Switzerland in their  Euro 2012 fixtures. I just drew a deep breath when, earlier in the competition, Bulgaria beat Wales 1-0 as their new head coach, Lothar Matthaus, took over at a reputed salary [1] of up to €30,000 per month (in Bulgaria! – come to think of it, even in Wales).

But, as  Mattaus famously said after Saturday’s match in Sofia: “We controlled the game, we’re [sic] creating opportunities and scoring was the only thing we failed to do. We deserved to win.” [2]

Wales were not even that confident, it seems, suffering a miserable opening 20 minutes from which they “never recovered”. Wales’ boss Gary Speed was quoted [3] after the defeat: “I’m disappointed with the first-half performance. We are a developing team and used to getting beat [sic]”. We have not got that winning mentality at the moment. Losing a goal in the first five minutes killed us really.”

The problem now is whether to shut my eyes and ears to further skirmishes in Group G, or to torture myself in the vain hope of some meaningful progress by either of these sides.

And, to rub it all in (again), Wales beaten by… England. I’m really sorry, guys, but I think I’ve already made up my mind.

Source [1]: Sofia Echo

Source [2]: Eurosport

Source [3]: BBC News


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