Ireland puts the boot in – why couldn’t we?

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"Just wait until next year!"


The RBS 6 Nations 2011 ended in high drama. England won the trophy, but were denied the Grand Slam by an Irish side that hammered them on Saturday.

“Ireland unleashed all the anger and bitterness following last week’s controversial defeat to Wales on a young England side who played like rabbits caught in the headlights,” according to The Independent [1]

Andrew Trimble, a member of the side that trounced their English opposition on the final day of the tournament, paid a fulsome tribute to team-mate Paul O’Connell for galvanising and inspiring the Irish players before the match.

He also spoke openly for many rugby-loving Celts: “Everybody’s massively motivated against England – we never get sick of beating them and that’s why we enjoyed the win so much.

“There’s a lot of history there and everyone in the team wants to beat them. Every team wants to beat England and we’re no exception.”[2]

So much for sport being nothing to do with patriotism or politics or culture or history!

Meanwhile, Wales ended their seesaw ride through the competition on a low, thrashed by the fiery French. Mathematically and theoretically, Wales had a chance to come out on top if, as happened, England lost in Ireland and, as didn’t (quite!), they beat France by more than 27 points.

We are left to lick our wounds over a warm Wesh beer, lament that in our opening match against England, we lost, and look forward to renewed battle in 2012.

Source [1]: Independent

Source [2]: BBC


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